Amazing 'smart toy' robot kits

Build & personalise your robot, then bring it to life with code

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BinaryBots has been aquired by the awesome Cambridge HackLab Academy
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The best kits to get started with Coding, Robots and STEM Binary & Planet Hex

The starter range of our kits are 'Cardboard2Code' robot kits. They each come with a flatpack robot, glossy stickers, easy to follow instructions, a BBC micro:bit computer and lots of extra sensors for hours of activities.


BinaryBots Dimm Kit

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Binary's UFO

BinaryBots UFO Kit

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BinaryBots JetCar

BinaryBots JetCar Kit

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The next level of BinaryBots Kit Binary & Planet Totem

Our Planet Totem range is perfect if you have had experience of coding or building with products before - the kits come withat least 160 pieces and the required tools to build an animal that can be brought to life with code. This kit comes with our awesome sensor board that can detect 'pokes & strokes' to imitate an animals instincts!

Totem Spider

BinaryBots Planet Totem Spider Kit

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Totem Crab

BinaryBots Planet Totem Crab Kit

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Totem Tortoise

BinaryBots Planet Totem Tortoise Kit

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COMING SOON BinaryBots incredible Planet Filament

Our Planet Filament range is an incredible introduction to 3D printing with various levels of printer, lots of activities & designs and a great chance to MAKE your own DIMM!

Planet Filament
Nano 3D Printer

BinaryBots Planet Filament Nano 3D Printer

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Planet Filament
X2 Mini 3D Printer

BinaryBots Planet Filament X2 Mini 3D Printer

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Now you can be an inventor!

BinaryBots™ bring coding to life!
It's so easy and fun to learn to code with lots of activities to show you how make the robots do what you tell them to!

BinaryBots teach your child to code

6 reasons why children should learn to code:
  1. Code is one of the world's most widely used languages.
  2. Connected devices are already reshaping our world.
  3. Kids learn better and faster when they're young.
  4. Set them up for a successful career.
  5. Unleash your child's creativity.
  6. Increase your child's confidence.

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